In-Home Dog Training

Every dog trainer takes a different approach. While many approaches hold value, there is one approach that stands above the rest. If your dog is experiencing any range of behavior problems, in-home dog training is the approach capable of transforming your dog into a canine super hero.

Why Choose In-Home Dog Training?

In order to understand why in-home dog training is the best option, it is important to understand why dogs develop behavior problems. Dog owners commonly view a behavior problem as some sort of flaw in their dog, but in reality, dog behavior is the result of many variables.

Among the greatest influences to dog behavior is the dog’s lifestyle and the dog’s relationship to his/her family. In-home dog training programs with Gotham Dog Training are designed to account for all the variables influencing your dog’s behavior. This is why our approach is so successful – we address the cause of the behavior, and not just the symptoms.

In-home dog training teaches your dog the skills needed to make good behavior choices. The goal of Gotham Dog Training’s in-home dog training program is to put your dog in a position of success; however, if your dog makes a poor behavior choice, we’ll teach you how to guide him/her back to the RIGHT choices. The handling skills you’ll learn during our in-home dog training programs will aid you for the rest of your dog’s life, and will be applicable to any other dogs you work with in the future.

Finally, in-home dog training programs are designed to put both the dog AND his/her owner at the forefront. Shortly after you begin training, you’ll feel connected with your dog in a way you may not have experienced before. You’ll learn how to communicate with your dog, and how to read your dog’s communication signals as well. By the time you achieve your behavior training goals, you and your dog will truly be a “team.”

How do you get started with in-home dog training?

We begin all of our dog training programs with a no-obligation behavior consultation. This consultation is completed in the comfort of your home, and usually lasts about two hours. During this time, Samantha will get to know you, your dog, and any other family members (canine and human) so that she can consider all the variables that may be affecting your dog’s behavior. She will then make training recommendations that take everything into consideration.

If you’ve been told your dog’s issues are “too severe” for dog training, or if you’ve been unable to find a professional dog trainer who will come to your home to work on your dog’s behavior problems, look no further! Gotham Dog Training specializes in in-home dog training, and we get RESULTS!

Call us now at 800.649.7297, or fill out our contact form to speak with us about your dog’s behavior. We can’t wait to help!

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