Dog Training for New Parents

Cribs and Canines – Dog Training for New Parents in Brooklyn!

Thinking about bringing a baby into the family? Are you wondering how your dog may respond to this new tiny pack member? We all know dogs and kids are great pairs, yet there are never any guarantees. Adding a baby to the family not only affects you as a parents, but the whole family, including the pets!

While you may a well-behaved pup, the changes a new baby brings to the home might bring confusion to the dog, potentially causing anxiety and other behavioral problems. Naturally, routines and daily life habits are going to shift greatly for you as parents. The consistent structure your dog follows in the home is now taking a sharp turn, and with some cases, these dogs have no idea how to handle it!

Our Cribs and Canines program is to teach those dogs how to handle it, thus alleviating any anxiety for the dog, while also keeping your baby safe. We want to make sure both dog and baby are taken care of, learning to adjust to a new life together, while also forming a deep familial bond.  Our Brooklyn dog trainer, will create a practical regimen that you as parents and dog owners can follow, where you will guide your dog and show him/her how to behave with a new baby in the house.

Before and after the stork shows up with your bundle of joy, your dog will learn to demonstrate calm behavior that does not include bad habits, such as no recall, jumping, nipping, aggression (territorial, food, over/toward the baby, etc). Additionally, Samantha will set up success-driven situations that will ready the dog for the baby, such as heeling and behaving next to a stroller, being gentle with the baby, exhibit self-control when the owner’s attention is focused on the baby, etc. Reward-based exercises will allow your dog to positively experience the idea of living with a baby, before your baby actually arrives!

Through Cribs and Canines, your entire family will progress, and all our training is results-based! If you as an expecting parent think this is something you can benefit from, contact us at, or call our office at 800-649-7297! If you are also a current parent but need this type of help for your dog and baby, you are still eligible for this program. Get in touch with us and we will set your family up for safety and success!

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