Learn About Our Manhattan Puppy Training Program!

Learn About Our Manhattan Puppy Training Program!

Puppy training is essential to a successful, lifelong human/canine relationship. It’s best to establish boundaries early on, rather than waiting until both your dog and his/her problems have grown. It’s also easiest to establish these boundaries when your dog is young. If he/she hasn’t exhibited many behavioral problems, basic obedience (like the type offered through our Practical Pet Protocol classes) may be all that’s needed. But if he/she has begun exhibiting more serious behavior problems like biting, chewing, trouble housebreaking, or aggression, it’s best to hire an in-home trainer such as myself to assist you.

I recently worked with a young puppy named Cinnamon who would bite to get attention, pee in the house, and exhibit signs of separation anxiety. I came to the owners’ home to observe the behavior for myself and create a detailed training plan for Cinnamon. She met me at the door jumping and nipping, and I witnessed her eliminating in the home. Her owners’ frustration was more than understandable. I put together a plan for them that involved communicating in a way Cinnamon could understand, crate training, and limitation of roaming. 

Through the leash and verbal commands, the owners were able to communicate to Cinnamon that the nipping was not acceptable behavior. Crate training helped with the house training trouble (dogs generally don’t like to eliminate where they sleep) as well as the separation anxiety. If introduced correctly, the crate can become a safe, calm space for the dog rather than a place of confinement. The limitation of roaming essentially involved keeping Cinnamon on a leash as much as possible, even within the home. If Cinnamon was constantly monitored, she simply wouldn’t have the chance to pee in the house. The leash also kept her from pacing, jumping on company, and actually calmed her because she didn’t have the burden of making decisions about her environment or her reactions to her environment–she had to respect her owners’ leadership and that was that.

This type of strict structure rarely has to last long for the puppy to get into the habit of making good decisions. Little by little, Cinnamon’s owners were able to loosen up a bit and trust their dog to make good decisions on her own.

To learn what type of training techniques would be most beneficial to your pet, give me a call at 800.649.7297.

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