How to Solve Separation Anxiety – Manhattan Dog Training Blog

How to Solve Separation Anxiety – Manhattan Dog Training Blog

Separation anxiety is a problem that plagues countless dogs. There are many reasons a dog might show signs of separation anxiety. Perhaps they’ve been taken to a shelter one or more times and been forced to leave their family; perhaps they’re naturally prone to anxiety; or perhaps the anxiety stems from a lack of boundaries within the home.

Separation anxiety can be fixed with the training tools we offer here at Gotham Dog Training in Manhattan!

In-home training can help in all of these instances. I’ve seen the dogs that howl if the owner tries to leave them, the ones that break nails and teeth trying to escape their crates, the ones that tear through a door in desperation to get to their loved ones. I’ve seen them, and I’ve helped them understand that their owner will come back and there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Dogs suffering from separation anxiety need a few things in order to feel safe and secure: trust, firm boundaries, and a confident owner. Of course, the way we go about this with a dog is very different from the way we do with another person. You can’t talk to or reason with your dog, so you train.

Basic obedience training helps you become confident in communicating with your dog, places you in a leadership position, and helps your dog feel secure in your behavior and responses. A structured schedule and limited roaming let your dog know what to expect while at the same time keeping him or her from getting too caught up in distractions and their surroundings. Crate training (when performed properly) can also be a huge help in abating separation anxiety.

Many owners make innocent mistakes like failing to introduce their dog to the crate slowly, leaving the dog in the crate for too long during the day, or buying a crate that is not the ideal size. And in-home trainer can help ensure you do everything right so your dog views the crate as a calm, safe space in which to spend time while the family is away.

To learn more about how in-home training can resolve your dog’s separation anxiety, give me a call at 800.649.7297.

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