Case Study: Dog Aggression In Brooklyn

As a professional dog trainer in Brooklyn, I have been working with Dena, Ryan, and their French Bulldog Bruce for just a few weeks, and the progress that they’ve made so far is incredible.

Bruce the French Bulldog practices calm behavior in his “place.”

Dena and Ryan had been told by more than one other Brooklyn dog trainer that Bruce was beyond help, and that they’d just have to live with this behavior. They knew that in their dog friendly community of Brooklyn, this was unreasonable. Something had to be done, and thankfully Dena and Ryan weren’t ready to give up on Bruce. When they contacted Gotham Dog Training, they explained that Bruce had several severe behavior issues. I assured them that change is possible, so long as they’re committed to following through. They expressed their commitment to improving Bruce’s behavior, and they were hoping to make major changes as fast as possible. Needless to say, they were very excited to meet with me for the initial behavior consultation.

When I met Dena, Ryan and Bruce the bulldog, I was able to observe the high level of anxiety that Bruce is experiencing on a near-constant basis. Whenever Dena and Ryan were of sight, this anxiety skyrocketed. Dena and Ryan explained that he would howl, eliminate in the house, and pace until they returned home. This was a huge issue on many levels, but especially considering they live in an apartment complex. As challenging as this is, nighttime was the hardest for them. Bruce was very territorial about his spot in their bed, making sleep virtually impossible for his owners.

Bruce was also experiencing a tremendous amount of dog aggression, that ultimately transferred onto whomever was around. Recently, while out on a walk with Dena, Bruce engaged another dog and a scuffle erupted. When Dena tried to break up the confrontation, Bruce ended up attacking her. Unfortunately, this was not the only instance of Bruce’s aggression towards both dogs and people. Dena and Ryan are a young active couple desperately wanting to bring their dog on all of their adventures; however, his behavior made this impossible, and it was only getting worse.

Just three days after our first lesson, I received an email update from Dena. I could feel her hope and excitement as she explained that Bruce was beginning to truly understand and enjoy his new way of life. All symptoms of his separation anxiety had vanished, and he has not eliminated in the house since! Such fast results are typical. The right methods and approach paired with a client who is committed to following through can accomplish major behavior changes in a short amount of time.

The next email update I received came a few days later, just before our second lesson. Ryan explained that while going out for a mid-day potty break, he and Bruce were confronted with their biggest challenge: another dog heading right toward them! Ryan had been preparing for this moment, and he was able to remain calm and composed. Bruce, who was seated at his side, executed a perfect “stay” command, and he didn’t so much as flinch as the dog passed by! This was a tremendous victory for everyone, as this would have been impossible less than two weeks ago. Ryan expressed how liberating it was to finally be anxiety-free when walking his dog in their neighborhood. Imagine how free Bruce must feel!

After just two weeks, Dena and Ryan are as dedicated as ever, especially in light of the incredible results they have already experienced. The foundation has been set for Bruce, major behavior changes have already occurred, and their family is quickly becoming what Dena and Ryan always hoped for: harmonious, reliable and fun!

Even in a busy, dog-friendly neighborhood like Brooklyn, dog training does not have to take months upon months. Dog behavior problems do not have to be “managed” for life. Change is possible, and it happens fast!

I’d love to talk to you about your dog!  Please contact me today at 800.649.7297 or use my contact form.

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