Condemnation Prior to Investigation

A Dog Training Behavioral Assessment Should Never Be Done By Phone!

During a recent dog training and behavior seminar I attended, we talked about how quickly dogs are given up on, and sadly how often this call is made by a so-called behaviorist or trainer after a brief phone conversation.  This reminded me of a case I worked on a few years ago.

I was called to do behavior consultation with this very nice dog named Mooch. He came from one of the rescue groups I work with, and just days after being adopted, had snapped at the veterinarian, and one of his owners within a few days of arriving at his new home. Both incidents occurred when he was under quite a bit of stress which I learned after spending quite a bit of time on the phone with his owner after she called me for help.

New York City Dog Trainer Samantha Weiner helped Rescue Dog Mooch stay in his homeThe veterinarian recommended someone for help who, after hearing a brief account of the situation from the owner, condemned Mooch, telling the owner “You can’t get rid of that dog fast enough”. My client told me, when she called, that she had only had a brief conversation with this person, and that she didn’t ask many questions about the circumstances around this incident, how long Mooch had been in the home, or what she think happened to prompt this behavior from him.

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