Our Office Team

Meet Our Gotham Dog Training Manhattan Office Team

John Van Olden

John Van Olden is the president of Canine Trade Group and the man responsible for creating CTG’s network of professional trainers. All trainers undergo a competitive screening process and are required to participate in hands-on training as well as hours of intense bookwork before being accepted and promoted to ensure the client receives the best possible man or woman for the job.

John possesses over two decades of experience in the dog training industry. His passion for helping dogs with behavioral challenges began in the military, and after his service he helped launch the International Association of Canine Professionals. He began K-9 Advantage, the first training franchise in the United States, and has been the president for PAWSitive Solutions, the largest in-home training company in the U.S.

John has seen the industry grow and change throughout the last twenty years, and his experience is an invaluable asset to the company and his trainers.

Cristin Nataro

 Cristin Nataro is Canine Trade Group’s Associate Behavior Consultant and an experienced dog trainer in her own right. With over ten years of experience training dogs for agility competitions, Cristin’s knowledge of human/canine communication and canine psychology is exceptional. Her personal experience with dog behavior problems came in the form of Sike!, her Border Collie, who was once prone to fear aggression, anxiety, and resource guarding. Through her research she realized there is a solution to these problems, and she gained a passion for helping others who have found themselves in the position of trying to love and care for a difficult dog.


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