“Brooklyn Dog Training For Your Canine Crusader”  

**We only take clients in Brooklyn and Manhattan**

We are the most experienced professional dog trainers in Brooklyn & Manhattan!  We provide private, customized, reward-based dog training throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn that begins in your dog’s home environment.  Once your dog has achieved excellent focus,  the dog training progresses to a public setting, such as a park, where your dog will demonstrate his/her newly learned super powers around all levels of distraction!  Our training is incredibly effective, and we can achieve nearly immediate results, at a fraction of the cost of “board and train” options, which is why our training methods have been vet recommended for over 26 years.

Our Brooklyn dog training offers all levels of training for dogs of all ages, sizes, temperaments and breeds, including German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers and Pit Bulls.  Our dog training programs range from basic manners and obedience training, to solving the most complex behavior problems. Our dog training regularly succeeds when other dog trainers have failed, and even if you have been told that your dog’s behavior problems are beyond hope, WE CAN HELP!

All of our Brooklyn dog training begin with a comprehensive behavior consultation, where our expert trainer will meet your dog to learn about his/her alter-ego, and also evaluate his/her personality and temperament.  After this, we will suggest a training plan customized to your dog, and your family’s environment, schedule and goals.

Please call us at 800.649.7297 or use our contact form today to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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